Safety Tips for Your Summer Road Trips

Are you heading out on the road this summer? Before you do, you may want to pay close attention to some tips. These tips are designed to keep you safe on your summer road trips. 1) Choose your transportation carefully. Make sure the seatbelts are working properly. Be sure your vehicle is not going to break down…. Read More

Helping Families Recover from Disasters at Amusement Parks

It’s classic Americana, picture the scene. It opens with moms and dads loading children into their respective, family vehicles and heading out for a fun day at an area amusement park. They get there and have a fantastic time, until something goes terribly wrong. One of the family members is injured or killed while on…. Read More

Ford Recall: Fire And Door Safety Issues

Have you heard about the latest Ford recall? The car manufacturing giant is recalling 570,000 cars worldwide manufactured between 2013-2015. The cars affected range in size from compact cars to vans, and this latest recall deals with two different problems. The first concerns spontaneous engine fires. The second is an older recall problem that deals…. Read More

Personal Injury Lawyers Offering Tips for Bicyclists

Recently, a bicyclist was killed in a traffic accident in Berkeley. This tragedy is a reminder of the importance of being a safe bicyclist, no matter how often you ride on the road. As personal injury lawyers, we want to provide you with tips on being a safe bicyclist. Always wear a helmet when riding…. Read More

Sobering CNN Article: Raped at a Nursing Home

Here is a link to a sobering CNN article written by Bobbi Young, whose mother was raped at a nursing home and who was represented by NKF attorney Kirsten Fish in her fight for justice:

Kirsten Fish Quoted in CNN Article

NKF attorney Kirsten Fish is quoted in the CNN article published today entitled “Sick, Dying and Raped in America’s Nursing Homes,” weighing in with other experts on what needs to change in our country’s nursing homes to prevent this type of horrible elder abuse. View the article here:  

Personal Injury Lawyers Offering Pedestrian Safety Tips

On December 19, an elderly woman pushing a shopping cart was killed when she was struck by a Toyota pickup truck while crossing Lawrence Expressway. While it is important for drivers to be aware of pedestrians, there are certain steps you can take as a pedestrian to be safer. Whenever possible, avoid being a pedestrian…. Read More

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